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Stream I.T. Consulting is a digital consultancy with strong IT knowledge and track records.

We collaborate with our enterprise clients to interact with millions of their customers through the digital experience.


According to the challenging of digital trends with a variety of demands, Stream has been stepping up to the challenge as the trusted digital partner to our customers.


TaxOne is one of Stream’s solutions to fulfill customer needs as a digital consultancy in Thailand that has the ability to cover a wide variety of requirement. We are proud to present a full eTax Invoice service as your trusted service provider.

Paperless for Business

TaxOne is based on the concept of reducing paper in our company.


Stream’s Accounting department is the initial model that we started. At the same time, the government's policy has encouraged organizations to apply electronic documents through the regulations of Revenue Department on electronic tax invoices and receipts preparation, delivery and storage which are consistent with our purpose from the beginning. Finally, we have developed and submitted the first electronic tax invoice to the Revenue Department of Thailand’s system under the new regulations. This is the initiation of our pride.

The obvious results show on the deduction of paper costs, the efficiency in the workflow process of the Accounting department and the convenience of using electronic data analytics. These bring the smiles of all parties in the organization.


Then, we brainstorm and plan to innovate a fully integrated platform for corporate customers who need to create electronic tax invoices and electronic receipts smoothly.


Now, we are confident in the potential of our services by a team of experienced professionals.  We are ready to take care of you.



Not only the concept for business, but we also have a concept for society and the environment. Because TaxOne collects the documents and sends them as 100% electronic, it reduces paper consumption significantly. This solution also eliminates the usage of other resources such as ink and printers in the printing process. In addition, it decreases the expensive storage space while offering ease and secure access to the electronic documents.

We encourage all organizations to join us to be a green business to help prevent global warming.





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