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TaxOne utilizes Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model to provide solution for complete generation, delivery and storage of electronic information that are in compliance with eTax Invoice regulations of the Revenue Department.


The solution was designed to accommodate customer’s needs with an emphasis on simplicity,

usability and data security.

Experience outstanding
customer engagement


Domain Consultancy

TaxOne is supported by the team of eTax Invoice technical expertise.

Working Together

Strategic Planning

We design and plan TaxOne to strictly follow customer’s roadmap and the directives of eTax Invoice regulations of the Revenue Department.

Computer Office Work


We ensure that plans are executed with precision and accuracy by making use of Project management methodologies and End-to-end service management.



Our system is able to track and monitor performance as well as create a report via Dashboard function.


Ms. Weena Sookchareon​

Accounting and Finance of Fitwhey

As Fitwhey operates an eCommerce business about the muscle building supplement, we have a high volume of receipts and tax invoices.  It wastes a lot of time. This TaxOne adoption is the beginning of switching to e-tax in order to decrease accounting workflow in the collection and printing documents.

We are satisfied that it reduces our cost of paper, ink and postal delivery.


Mr. Jutirat Tokul​

Senior programmer of Fitwhey

Currently, there are a few e-tax invoice service providers. We have talked to them and assessed their services. Finally, we found that the professional provider who understands our needs and has in-depth knowledge in this service is only Stream I.T. Consulting.

Success Story


Stream Orange

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