A company whose business needs to file electronics documents must register with the Revenue Department. For your convenience, TaxOne provides a service to create a workflow and digital reports system which required approval from the Revenue Department.


Moreover, we have a file conversion and XML defragmentation service to match the standards of Revenue Department regulations for accurate filing.

Building Data Template

We created the data in XML and PDF A-3 with digital signatures to verify the identity of the electronic documents issued to comply with the regulations of the Revenue Department.


Report Center

TaxOne stores electronic documents as long as needed with enterprise content management technology. The system is able to encrypt data, compress data, verify data via logs and assign to a user who has the authorization to access the data.

System Integration

With TaxOne, you can integrate this solution with your core existing systems in various ways to facilitate data transmission.

Moreover, the systems can integrate with the email gateway to automatically send email to end customers and partners.


& monitoring

Furthermore, TaxOne provides functions to generate report and a dashboard to illustrate a summary of the status and overview of entire transactions in the systems.

Tax Searching


Tax law database service assists organizations to decrease searching time and also provides interpretation guidelines by using a keyword search or tax categories.


You are able to analyze the information to reduce the risks of tax issues. The solution allows organizations to manage laws & compliance knowledge effectively. Current customers include financial institutions, the Ministry of Finance and listed companies on the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

Our Standards

We have complied our solutions and services with ISO9001:2015 / ISO27001 / PMO / ITIL 

to ensure the quality standards.




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